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The Gift Cards are exclusively valid only in the country of purchase and can only be utilized in Nike stores operated by RETAILORS.



These terms and conditions are applicable to the purchase of Nike gift cards ("Gift Card") in Nike-partner stores operated by Retailors Group in Europe (“Retailors”). Retailors reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions as deemed necessary.



Gift Cards can be purchased in Nike-partner stores operated by Retailors. The minimum amount to be loaded onto a single gift card is the equivalent of thirty Euros (30 EUR). A list of stores can be found at:

Should you wish to purchase Gift Cards in large quantities (e.g., for your employees or clients), please send an email to



You can utilize your Gift Card exclusively at Nike-partner stores operated by Retailors in the same country it was purchased.

Gift Cards can be used multiple times and for various purchases until the entire balance has been depleted.

If only a portion of the Gift Card is redeemed, any remaining balance will be retained for future purchases and cannot be exchanged for cash.


It is important to note that the Gift Card balance cannot be converted to cash or used to purchase another Gift Card.


Gift Cards have an expiry date of three years from the date of loading.

*Expiry dates might change subject to specific country local legalization.




A refund for a product originally purchased with a Gift Card will be returned exclusively to the Gift Card that was used for the initial purchase.



Retailors will not be held liable in the event of a lost, stolen, destroyed, or unauthorized use of a Gift Card. Furthermore, Retailors shall not be held responsible for any unlawful activities or fraudulent actions conducted by any third party associated with any Gift Card.

Retailors retain the right to decline, cancel or review any Gift Card if there are suspicions of fraudulent activity issuance of cards with incorrect denominations, acquisition of cards through unlawful means, or any other violations of the terms and conditions outlined herein.



The Gift Card remains anonymous as only its unique number, validity details, and loaded amount are retained. No personal data (as defined by applicable law and legal regulations) is collected or processed in relation to the issuance and documentation of the Gift Card. Retailors does not act as a data processor nor a controller for any personal data pertaining to the Gift Card



If you have any queries about these terms and conditions or your use of the Gift Cards, please contact via an email to

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