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The retailors website acts diligently to make our organization and website accessible to people with disabilities for the purpose of promoting equal rights and transparency towards people with disabilities.


The essence of an accessible website


An accessible website is a website that allows a person with a disability to surf with the same level of
efficiency and enjoyment as other surfers, using the capabilities of the system on which it operates and through technologies that help accessibility.


Executing accessibility adjustments on the website


The accessibility adjustments on the website were made in accordance with mark C': Internet Services of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Service Accessibility Adjustments) 5773-2013, the Israeli Standard TI 5568 based on the WCAG 2.0 guidelines. The website was made accessible to level AA and subject to the changes and adjustments made in the Israeli standard document.


The website supports the use of assistive technologies such as screen reader software, browsing with a keyboard by using the Tab and Shift+Tab keys to move between links, arrow keys, the Enter key to select, the Esc key to exit menus and windows, pressing H or on a number to move between titles.


The site is checked regularly to ensure the maintenance of the site's accessibility.


Declaration of partial compliance with the standard in the case of third-party content (if any)


On the following website pages "Join DREAM CARD VIP" the accessibility of the page depends on contents that are not of the organization (third party contents) and therefore we declare partial compliance with the standard as for these pages.


Optimal applicability for website accessibility


On this website, you can surf in an optimal and accessible way using common browsers and it is recommended to use the following browsers: Firefox / Opera / Safari / Lynx / Edge / Chrome and screen reader software NVDA / Jaws / Voiceover.


The site's current stages of accessibility


  • Adding a full accessibility component - Andi UA

  • Simple and clear navigation within and between the website pages also using keyboard only

  • The option to change the font size on all website pages up to 200% and continue navigation without difficulty

  • Clear view of the site's components

  • Compatibility with different browsers

  • Adaptation to work in various resolutions

  • Reading the information displayed on the website with the help of a screen reader used by the blind and visually impaired

  • The option to display pages in colors accessible to the visually impaired and color blind, i.e. light text on a dark background if necessary

  • Making the website forms accessible in order to allow easy and simple use by people with disabilities

  • A mechanism for bypassing blocks (fixed units that repeat themselves such as menus, banners, etc.)


Accessibility arrangements within the organization


  • In the branch there is a system loop hearing device accessible at the checkout stand

  • The branch has an accessible chair

  • Accessible service station/accessible checkouts

  • Receiving service without waiting - exemption from queue, for those entitled according to the Accessibility Law

  • Accessible signage

  • Accessibility aids and service animals - it is possible to enter the store with service animals, and accessibility aids


Ways of submitting requests, accessibility problems and suggestions for improvement:


If you find an accessibility problem on the website or if you need help, you are welcome to contact us through the organization's accessibility coordinator:



Phone: 03-5201300

Fax: 03-9050289

*The statement of accessibility was updated on 02/12/2023.

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